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Dr. Philip Roche

Dr. Philip Roche is one of the founders of Jenthera Therapeutics and the inventor of the novel gene editing technology at the heart of the company. He has served as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the company since its inception in 2019. 

A serial inventor with a passion for challenging status-quo and identifying and solving complex biomedical problems, his approach integrates his singular multi-disciplinary perspective in the fields of cancer biology, protein engineering, nanotherapeutics, biometrics and diagnostic systems. Philip is a peer-reviewed author in chemistry, microfabrication, photonics, molecular biology, bio-engineering, biometrics, nanomedicine and gene editing and is the lead inventor on several patents. His constant quest for integrating industry requirements within research, has led him to produce many commercially viable discoveries. Philip earned his Ph.D from the University of Manchester/AstraZeneca.


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